Kathy Griffin has been more than a little controversial over the course of her career, but her most recent move has been something that everyone can support.

The actress and comedian has shaved her head, for a very meaningful reason.

And no, it has nothing to do with Trump.

A writer who contributes to multiple news outlets shared a pair of photos of Kathy’s freshly shaved head over Twitter, explaining in the caption:

“In solidarity with her sister, who is going through chemo, @kathygriffin shaved her head.”

That is so heartbreaking to read about Kathy’s sister, Joyce Griffin.

It would be about anyone, of course.

But cancer is especially personal to Kathy and her family.

Kathy Griffin’s older brother, Gary, died in 2014 after losing his battle with cancer.

In the first photo, Kathy poses topless, running a hand across her now bare scalp in wonder at a sensation that people never feel in their lives.

In the second photo, we see Kathy’s mother, Maggie Griffin, respond.

Kathy Griffin’s mother is nearly as famous as she is, for her role on My Life On The D-List and for Kathy’s stories about her mother shared during stand-up comedy.

Maggie is quite a character herself, as you know if you’ve ever heard anything that she’s said.

Maggie quoted the tweet and added her own comment:

“My daughter Kathleen Mary is a wonderful human being.”

Look at how cute Maggie looks in the photo!

Of course, Kathy Griffin is still reeling from the overblown backlash over that controversial photo she made with Tyler Shields.

You know, the one where she’s holding up “Trump’s head” as if she’s just decapitated him.

Like … it was in poor taste, absolutely.

And she shouldn’t have done it.

But the blowback on it would have been comical if the consequences for it hadn’t been so serious.

Kathy Griffin lost multiple jobs over it in the ensuing outrage.

Of course, the Trump team capitalized on it immediately, with the orange man himself making the ludicrous claim about his young son, Barron.

Barron is arguably the only innocent among the Trump children (like Donald himself, we don’t really want to talk about Tiffany right now).

So he was perfect for Trump to point to and say that Barron believed that the photo was real when he saw it.

First of all, chances are pretty good that Barron didn’t see it at all.

Second of all, Barron is 11, not 4.

Pretending that he’d gone into a parent at the thought of his father having been murdered by a comedian that the tween had almost certainly never heard of was nothing short of absurd.

But Kathy Griffin shouldn’t have posed for the photo.

(She knows that and apologized as soon as it leaked)

If she hadn’t, the Trump team couldn’t have used up to stir up their followers like they did.

Brace yourselves, because someone will inevitably call this a “publicity stunt.”

They’ll accuse Kathy of doing this to get back into the public’s good graces.

She did this because her sister has cancer, you guys.

There’s no conspiracy behind it.

Just love. And solidarity.

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