Chris Harrison hilariously tell us at the end of every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that this is going to be epic.

We're about to see the most shocking, most dramatic, emotional finale ever, he tells us. But which finales truly stand out most?

Sometimes, it's the season finale with a surprising winner.

Sometimes, it's a little extra drama or an epic meltdown.

And sometimes (cough, Brad) there's no proposal at all.

Well, we've decided to take a look back and rank the 17 most shocking finales from both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Where do we place last night's The Bachelorette season finale, in which JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers got engaged?

Which was the most insane in BACHELOR HISTORY?

Check them out and see if you remember these – we're sure you do, if you're reading this – and if you agree with our rankings!

17. The Bachelorette Season 8: Emily Maynard

Jef holm emily maynard
Emily wanted to be considerate of Arie’s feelings on the finale of The Bachelorette Season 8, so once her mind was made up about Jef, she sent Arie home before they made it to the rose ceremony.

16. The Bachelor Season 4: Bob Guiney

Bob guiney pic
It’s kind of amazing how often a finale on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette ends without a proposal. In Bob Guiney’s case, he offered a promise ring to his chosen lady instead. They broke up a few months later.

15. The Bachelorette Season 6: Ali Fedotowsky

Ali fedotowsky and roberto martinez pic
Ali gave use a suprise at the end of The Bachelorette Season 6 when she sent Chris Lambton home early, incredibly confident in choosing Roberto.

14. The Bachelorette Season 12: JoJo Fletcher

While there were final rose ceremony tears and a bit of drama – Robby Hayes really thought he had it in the bag, while Jordan Rodgers held back, initially, when it came to asking JoJo Fletcher’s parents for permission to propose to her – the Dallas beauty ultimately went with her heart, and the frontrunner all season (Jordan).

13. The Bachelor Season 14: Jake Pavelka

Vienna girardi and jake pavelka picture
Jake shocked fans on his season finale when he chose the season’s villain, Vienna Girardi, over fan-favorite Tenley Molzahn.

12. The Bachelor Season 1: Alex Michel

Alex michel and amanda marsh
Believe it or not, even The Bachelor Season 1 didn’t end as we thought it would. Alex Michel told Chris Harrison he was planning to pick Trista Rehn, but then chose Amanda Marsh at the last minute. He didn’t propose, though, but instead just wanted to keep dating.

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